Website Disclaimer Policy

Website Disclaimer Policy

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Website Disclaimer Policy

Protect your website and ownership by creating a well-designed privacy policy.

Disclaimer is a notice in your website policy to limit your liability as a result of your use of the Website. This policy protects the website owner’s interest.

Website Deletion Clause is a form of official notice that covers certain key points of a website’s operation. A brief version of the Terms and Conditions of the Website. Website Offerability Policy outlines usage and credit limit. In short, a legal document that describes what kind of personal information you collect from customers, how you use this information, and how you keep it safe.

It’s Hard to Make a Dedication Policy for a Well-Designed Website with a clear and concise message, but, don’t worry! We are here to help you. It will help you write a policy for your Relief website from the comfort of your home, giving you the most unique and personalized services. Get the best suggestion or ask for a call to write a Website Offerability Policy with Our Highly Rated Experts for Easy Registration.

Contents of Website Disclaimer Policy:

  1. Introduction.
  2. License to use the website.
  3. Acceptable use.
  4. Limited Warranties.
  5. Limitation and Exclusion of liability.
  6. Copyright Notice.
  7. A variation clause.
  8. Severability.
  9. Governing Law and Dispute resolution clause.
  10. A provision specifying some of the information which needs to be disclosed under the E-commerce Regulations.
  11. An entire agreement clause.

In the most basic way, a disclaimer is a statement that you are not responsible for something. It basically protects your website and you from claims of liability. It protects you and your website from legal action.

The disclaimer mainly includes website owner, website referring to, liability accepted or not accepted by the website owner and the website owner’s policy towards third party links from their website.


  • Drafting Disclaimer Policy for Startups by Experienced lawyer
  • 30 min Intro call by Lawyer +Start to Finish Help + Drafting done by experienced Lawyer

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