USA Company Registration

USA Company Registration

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Includes LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation along with 1 Year Registered Agent.


Includes LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation, EIN number along with 1 Year Registered Agent.


Includes LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation, EIN number, 1 Year Mail Handling along with 1 Year Registered Agent.

USA Company Registration

How to Enter a Business in the USA | US Consolidation Services

Registration for the USA Company is now easier as there is no need to go to the USA or be physically present in the USA. As the process can be started and completed online in less than a week with AK taxes.Indian companies looking to expand or have a permanent Indian customer base can enjoy a few USA company registration benefits.

The United States is a developed country, with great economic potential due to its advanced infrastructure, technology, and abundance of natural resources. The economy is resource-intensive, contributing 80% of its GDP, while manufacturing accounts for about 15% of its output.

With the rapid development and global trade and a large number of English-speaking people, Indian businesses are different from exploring the American market. With very low business taxes and well-established business rules and procedures, many Indian companies with a global ambition think the USA is the right decision.

Will I need to go to the USA to be registered?

No, you do not need to go to the USA to be registered. It can be completed without leaving India.

Will I need a visa to enter the US LLC or Organization?

No, the third party may enter the US LLC or Corporation without a US passport or visa.

How many people are needed to open a US LLC or Organization?

Just one person is enough to install a US LLC or Organization.

Documents Required to Register a USA Company

  • Copy of passport and stamp card
  • Proof of address and proof of ID – Aadhar Card
  • Signed Submission Documents.
  • Pictures

Company Registration Process for USA Company Registration

The first step begins with the registration of a USA Company and begins by uploading the required documents to the ICFO portal. Our business consultant will then verify the details and documents. At the same time, we try to register the name that we check for its availability. Once the name is registered, we begin with the next third step.

Once the name is registered, the AOA preparation process begins. This will be signed by the company’s directors, shareholders, and secretary before registering the USA Company. Throughout this process, our business advisor will keep you informed of the company registration process. Once the AOA is ready, the company is listed, and the next step is to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the USA.

Registered Agent

All Delaware LLCs or Corporations are required to maintain a registered agent in the State of Delaware who will be responsible for receiving and processing all official emails on behalf of the Delaware Company. Our USA registration package includes a Delaware Registered Agent service for one year.

Business Tax Rate

The USA has two levels of income tax levied by LLCs and Corporations – Federal Corporate Tax and State Corporate Tax. The state corporate tax rate has recently been reduced from 35% to 21% by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

The rate of corporate income tax in the US varies from state to state. The lowest was 3% in North Carolina to 12% in Iowa. Delaware corporate taxes are charged at 8.7% of revenue. However, if the business is located in Delaware but does not trade in the Delaware Province, the national business tax will not be charged. Therefore, the inclusion of Delaware can be very helpful to outsiders and organizations looking to do business in the USA via Delaware.

Entry Strategies in the USA

A business in the US may be established through a sole proprietorship, standard partnership, LLC, or Organization. However, the inclusion of Indian companies is limited to LLC or C Corporation USA.

In the USA, the laws and regulations pertaining to Incorporation and the management of LLC or organization vary from state to state. We cover all LLCs or Corporations for Indian Nationals in Delaware as Company registration in Delaware has various benefits such as lower taxes, lower maintenance fees, and better business rules.

Well, investing in Delaware is not only a good option for Indian Nationals and companies, but also American companies as more than half of companies are publicly traded, and the 500 richest companies in the USA are based in Delaware.

LLC (Limited Credit Card Company)

LLC is a type of business that has the characteristics of both an organization and a partnership. LLC provides owners with limited credit protection in the event of litigation and bankruptcy. LLCs are flexible, and LLC compliance requirements are simple.

The organization needs decisions and meetings of shareholders as well as the recording and completion of forms showing meetings held and votes. In contrast, LLCs do not require annual meetings of shareholders.


If the intention is to seek funding from VCs and angelic investors, it is best to seek a C corporation in the USA. Bankers, investors, customers, suppliers, and employees look for companies that are suitable for most businesses.

C-Corporations are independent legal entities separate from the people who own, control, and own. As a result, he is considered a normal person in tax laws and thus unable to engage in business, and contractors can start suing and being sued.

Differences between LLC and C-Corporation

  • Owners are members of LLC.
  • LLCs are suitable for small businesses with limited shareholders. Suitable for medium-sized businesses in large businesses with multiple shareholders
  • Members have a limited legal obligation.
  • External stakeholders do not choose LLC because they act as partnerships.
  • The structures can be set up by members as much as possible.


  • Owners are shareholders of C-Corporation
  • Shareholders held accountable in C corp.
  • Directors nominate their shareholders to run the business.
  • C-Corps are preferred by foreign investors because shares are still distributed among shareholders.

Why is USA Company registration beneficial to Indian businesses?

We can track initial profits as business rules and regulations are well established and the level of corporate income tax is low, which is very favorable for foreign businesses to enter internally.

However, it should be noted that all USA states are governed by their own provinces and laws and regulations that are very different from each other. Countries like Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada provide highly recommended business and tax laws, making it easier for companies to incorporate them.

Clearly, Delaware does not have a national sales tax, and a national franchise tax or small US businesses are also small. In addition, non-residents do not have to pay business income tax in Delaware.

Apart from this here are some of the benefits.

  1. The rules and regulations are sufficient for the business.
  2. With limited liability, personal assets such as housing and savings are safe from debt.
  3. The business income tax rate is low.
  4. The rules do not require the disclosure of the names of the company’s shareholders and directors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just one person is enough to install a US LLC or Organization.

No, the third party may enter the US LLC or Corporation without a US passport or visa.

No, you do not need to go to the USA to be registered. It can be completed without leaving India.

Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number assigned to the IRS. An EIN is required to open a US bank account, hire employees, and complete various business tax returns.

A company that pursues US integration has no obligation to have its headquarters in Delaware.

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