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Trade License

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Trade License

A commercial license is a document or certificate that allows the applicant to start a trade or business in a particular place or area. The commercial license holder may not use it for any other activity or business.

A business within a region, company, or municipality will need to register a commercial license with the relevant central or regional government in order to start any business in a particular area or area. To obtain a registration, the applicant must first understand the area under which the business operates and the applicable Law.

An application for trade registration must be made within 30 days of starting the business. A commercial license is usually issued within 7-15 days of submission of the application. An application for the granting or renewal of a license will be made to the commissioner of the organization in the case of several districts.


Eligibility for Commercial License
  •       The applicant must be over 18 years old.
  •       The applicant must not have a criminal record.
  •       The nature of the business must be legally permitted.
Documents required to obtain a Trade License registration

To apply for a commercial license, the applicant must apply and submit the following documents to the relevant municipal authorities.

  •       Request in the prescribed form
  •       PAN Card and application certificate if the applicant is a firm, LLP, or company.
  •       Aadhar is obligatory in the case of each applicant.
  •       The latest Municipal property rates receipt
  •       Rental documents or permit letters from the landlord.
  •       NOC from a nearby neighbor
  •       A certified plan for your business structure that reflects the business
  •       Katha pulls out
  •       Katha Certificate
  •       Punishment system
  •       Residence certificate

Who Issues a Trade License?

A trading license is issued by various departments of municipal companies such as industry, engineering, health, etc.

The Indian government approves licenses in a way that will regulate cities across the country. Licensing varies from province to province depending on the rules and regulations of the local government institutions (Municipalities).

Different categories of trading licenses

Industrial license: Small, medium, and large production industries.

Purchase License: Dangerous and annoying trade such as selling wood, crackers manufacturer, candle maker, barber shop, doll shop, etc.

Food production license: Restaurants, hotels, restaurants, bars, meat and vegetable sales, bakeries, etc.

Important features related to Commercial License

Step: 1 Gumasta license – The commercial license is called the Gumasta License in the Maharashtra province. Trade licenses are known by different names in some parts of the country.

Step: 2 Application – Application for registration of a trade license must be made to the relevant national government or organization, or municipality. The application process will vary according to government regulations.

Step: 3 Verification – In some provinces, a trading license is issued in person only after confirmation by the relevant authorities.

Step: 4 Time to Process – It takes about 10-15 days, depending on the government processing time. This certificate can be downloaded online after authorization.

Step: 5 Legitimacy – Trade licenses are officially issued for 1 year in most provinces. Trade licenses can be renewed at the end of each year by paying a renewal fee.


There are various terms, rules, and regulations that must be followed by a registrant if he or she fails to comply with the requirements for registration of a trading license and commits any trading activity prior to the issuance of this license.

In addition, legal action may be taken against the offender.

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