Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter

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Resignation Letter Format

A letter of resignation is a formal application for registration of a job offer to an employer. A letter of resignation usually contains reasons for resignation, the requested date of resignation and official thanks to the employer for providing the employment so far. The employer usually accepts the letter of resignation and gives the employee a last day of employment. It is a good practice to apply for resignation using a formal resignation letter.

How to Submit a Deletion Letter

This wipe letter format and generator can be used by the function to quickly and easily erase a letter stating the various reasons. Once, the letter of resignation has been produced, it can be printed on blank paper, signed and delivered to the employer. Letters of resignation can be emailed to the relevant HR Manager. It is a good practice to give the employer enough time for notice while preparing the letter of resignation.

How to Make a Deletion Letter

This letter of resignation can be printed on white paper, signed and delivered to the employer. A letter of resignation is usually issued to the human resources department or supervisor. One copy of the document is kept by the employee and the other is provided to the employer.

When you receive a letter of resignation, it is a good practice to ask the recipient of the document to acknowledge receipt of the document by signing it. If the letter of resignation is provided by email, then an application confirming receipt of the request may be requested from the recipient.

Points to Keep in Mind

A letter of resignation is usually an application for dismissal, such as a contract of employment or a letter of appointment. It is up to the Employer to accept / reject / make a counter-promise when he or she receives a letter of resignation, subject to the terms of the employment contract. Many employers upon receipt of a letter of resignation indicate the last date of employment.


The following details are required in a letter:

  • Name of the employer and the employee.
  • Designation.
  • Location of the enterprise.
  • Time of resignation (effective date).
  • Request for payment of dues.
  • Request to issue a relieving letter.
  • Reasons for resigning.
  • A formal thanking.
  • Signature of the employee.

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