Provisional Patent

Provisional Patent

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Provisional application of device patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract and provisional specifications to be provided by the client.


Provisional application of design and medical patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract and provisional specifications to be provided by the client.


Provisional application of device, design or medical patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract to be provided by the client. Claims specifications will be drafted by Indiafilings expert.

Provisional Patent

 Provisional Patent registration is a common application before applying for a regular patent. Temporary patent registration is a document filed before a full patent is clarified in the office of the copyright regulator of the outlook patent.

Since the patent is incomplete, it is known as a Temporary Copyright. Obtaining a temporary patent registration is not mandatory, but there are many benefits to the developer. Temporary clarification is filed with the application for a patent if the applicant feels that the invention is at a level where it can be disclosed on paper but does not reach the final step. Generally, Temporary Specifications are included with the patent application to protect an important application date more than any other application installed in relation to the same invention.

In order to obtain a complete patent, more design details and specifications are required. Ownership involves a lot of research and development. Even if they have not fully implemented the design or copyrighted process, a person can still obtain temporary patent registration to protect his or her work. The most important reason for obtaining a temporary patent is to provide security and a form of temporary protection to the applicant until he or she pursues a full patent.

Procedure for Filling Copyright

The documents required for registration of a Temporary Copyright are listed below:

  • Form 1 (application for copyright)
  • Form 2 (temporary information)
  • Form 5 (Declaration of Initiation)
  • Form 26 (Power of attorney) (required if the agent submits the form to the applicant)
  • Email Filling Fees (Legal Copyright Fee)
  • Form 3 (Relevant declaration and obligations relating to the foreign patent application)
  • Important document (At the request of the meeting if an important date is required)
  • Image / Design drawings.

Documents required for registration of Interim Patent

What is the patent process in India?

The Indian Patent Act, 1970 regulates copyright laws in India. It is responsible for the registration, renewal, transfer, and protection of intellectual property rights in India. For an invention to be patented, it must be novel, there must be an invention, and it must reflect the functioning of the industry.

Patent Search

Before registering any intellectual property rights such as trademark registration or project registration, it is advisable to search on the public website. A patent search will help the creator or attorney of the patent determine the patent and transparency of the patent.

Conducting a patent search will also help find a registered invention, help the developer to write an application, or increase the scope of the invention to differentiate an existing invention.


After a patent search, the next step is to file a patent application by the patent composer. The application must be a descriptive, legal document with scientific knowledge that builds patents.

Specification plays a key role in the process of applying for a patent and should be written by a qualified copyright attorney. It is necessary to mention the various aspects of the establishment. Copyright specifications are of two types – Temporary specifications and complete specifications.

Provisional Specification

If the invention has reached a visible form but not the final assignment, the applicant may submit temporary information. Temporary clarification will help one to see the value of the designer more than any other person who may be using the same application.

After filing the temporary specification, the patent office gives the date for filing the patent for establishment. From the date of completion, the developer has 12 months to develop the invention and submit full details.

Complete Specification

Once temporary information has been submitted, and the date of submission of the patent has been received, full details must be completed within 12 months. Any incomplete patent application will be deemed to have been rejected.

The full description should include the title, background of the establishment, name, address, and nationality of the applicant, category of establishment, general statement of establishment, the full description of establishment, the basic method of operation, statement. applications, drawings, and abstract.

To avoid mistakes, a lawyer with copyright information should correct the full details.

Patent Publication

After the patent application is filed, the application is approved, and the patent application is published in the copyright journal. Copyright applications will not be published for 18 months from the date of application or from the effective date of the application, whichever is earlier.

If the applicant wishes to have a faster process, Form 9 can be completed to request early publication.

Copyright Review

A patent application must be filed within 48 months of applying for a patent or the date of application of the application, depending on the preceding one. The patent examiner will determine whether the application satisfies the new invention, the invention step, and other means established to grant copyright registration.

Suppose there is a similar contradiction that will be expressed by the patent examiner in the first inspection report. Response to objections raised in a preliminary examination report may be lodged within 12 months by the applicant.

Copyright Registration

Upon submission of a response to the Preliminary Examination Report, once the Examiner is satisfied that all patents have been met, copyright registration is permitted. The term of the patent will be 20 years from the date of application for the patent.

Sections of Interim Copyright Definition

Information contained in the temporary copyright

  • Inventory name / design / process / Title
  • Temporary requirement
  • The concept of innovation
  • Field and purpose of innovation


Step: 1 Title – The original copyright requirements will begin with the title of the invention. Articles need to show the elements of the establishment equally, concisely, and clearly. It will be between 15 goals. Applicant name, ID name, abbreviation, etc., should not be included in the text.

Step: 2 Definition – The definition begins with a background and combines a compound field with an object.

Step: 3 Background – The definition of the new invention begins with the introduction ‘The following definition describes new things.’

Step: 4 Field – This section must specify a technical field for the current field. This is done to remove the level where this is the product context and application name.

Step: 5 Into – This section outlines the importance of the establishment and the benefits of the establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary patent clarification is the first step in obtaining protection before the full patent details are completed.

Temporary patent clearance provides temporary protection of the invention and is very expensive.


Temporary patent clarification will include: Name / title of establishment / design or process Temporary details (You do not need any categories) Description of the establishment forum and purpose of establishment

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