PF Return Filing

PF Return Filing

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PF return filing for upto 10 employees.


PF return filing for upto 20 employees.


PF return filing for upto 30 employees.

PF Return Filing

In order to improve employee savings and retirement benefits, the Provident Fund social security system has been introduced. Donations to PF are made by both employer and employee on a monthly basis. The contribution made to the PF may be deducted from the employee only at the time of his or her appointment, but there are a few exceptions.

Employers registered with PF must submit PF papers on a monthly basis. PF return forms must be completed by the 25th of each month. Here we will talk about the different forms used to complete the restoration of the PF in detail. Employers can easily submit a PF return using the combined website.

Form 2

Form 2 is completed as a declaration and appointment under the Flagship Provident Fund and Employment Family Pension Scheme. Form 2 should be submitted to employees who join the center. This form must be submitted with Form 5. Form 2 is divided into 2 separate sections.

Part A

Part A of Form 2 deals with the appointment of the EPF balance recipients of a particular account holder, in the event of his death. This part of the form should include the following information:

  •       Name
  •       Address
  •       Relationship with the subscriber
  •       Age
  •       Total amount due to nominee
  •       Guardian Details (If the nominee is young)
  •       This Section must be signed or required for a sixth copy to be made at the end of the section.

Part B

Details of the nominee as mentioned in Part A must also be included in Part B. In addition, details of members eligible for child/widow pension must be provided.

This Part must also be duly signed or thumb-printed at the end of a paragraph.

Form 5

Form 5 is a monthly report containing details of newly registered employees in the provident fund. Form 5 must include the following information:

  •       Organization Name
  •       Organization Address
  •       Organization code
  •       Activity account number
  •       Name of employee
  •       Middle Name (Husband / Dad)
  •       Birthday of work
  •       Date of joining
  •       Track work record.
  •       The form must be completed and stamped by the employer and the date of submission specified.

Form 10

A monthly report covering the details of employees who have ceased to be part of the program in a given month. Form 10 includes the following information.

  •       Account number
  •       Name of employee
  •       Name of father or husband
  •       Date of departure from service
  •       Reason for leaving the service.
  •       Form 10 must be completed and stamped by the employer on the day of completion of the form.

Form 12A

Form 12 A is a report containing details of the payment that is credited to the relevant employee account for a particular month.

Annual PF Return Filing

 Annual refunds must be lodged by no later than 30 April of a particular year. Forms are used to complete the PF annual returns

  •       Form 3A
  •       Form 6A

Form 3A

Form 3A shows the monthly contribution to the registrant or members and employers in the Employee Provident Fund and the annual Employees’ Pension Fund. Data is calculated for each component that is part of the system. Additionally, the program will include the following information

  •       Account number
  •       Name of the subscriber
  •       Name of father or husband
  •       Name and address of the institution
  •       The official level of donation
  •       Voluntary donation if any.
  •       Form 3A must have the employer’s signature and stamp.

Form 6A

Form 6A is an integrated annual contribution statement that includes details about the annual contribution of each member of the institution. The form must contain the information as set out below:

  •       Account number
  •       Name of registered members
  •   Salaries, final allowance if applicable, and D.A covering the amount of food allowance payable during the cash type.
  •       The amount of donation deducted from the hall.
  •       Employer contribution (Both EPF and pension)
  •       Refund of development funding
  •       High voluntary donation rate (If applicable)
  •       Comment

In addition, the following information should also be included in the output value column:

  •       Donation month
  •       A donation that includes a refund of a prepayment
  •       EDLI donation
  •       Pension Fund
  •       Administrative costs
  •       Gather participants.

Annual Account Statement

The employer must complete the PF forms using the forms mentioned above, the Employee Provident Organization submits an annual account statement for each registered employer. The Accounts Statement will show the following available information:

  •       The initial contribution balance includes both employer and employee interest.
  •       Annual employer and employee contribution.
  •       Interest earned on donations
  •       Total amount of contributions made by the employer and employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

All employers who have received PF registration must complete a monthly PF return. PF returns should be lodged on the 15th of each month in the consolidated portal.

Both employer and employee must contribute 12% of the employee’s basic salary to the EPF account.

PF registration is compulsory for employees earning a basic salary of dearness allowance of up to 15,000 and for those earning more than Rs.15, 000 compulsory PF registration is not mandatory.

You cannot apply for an EPF account balance withdrawal immediately after resigning from the company. In the event that the applicant chooses to withdraw money from the PF account before the expiration of 5 years, he or she will pay tax on the amount.

If the member has an EPF member ID above the EPF which means the EPF account and the EPF account have not been transferred to the latest EPF account, it means the member needs to be transferred to -current EPF account.

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