Offer Letter

Offer Letter

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Proprietorship registration including GST and UDYAM registration.


Proprietorship registration along with Trademark Registration including Government Fee & Stamp Duty*.


Proprietorship registration along with 1 Year GST Return Filing and dedicated accountant.

Offer letter

What’s more exciting than being offered a job?? The application form is an official document that an employer writes to invite an employee to work in his or her business. Usually, a letter is written to students who are eligible for employment after completing their hiring process.

AK Taxes is an online legal service platform where a team of professional legal experts from India, provides a variety of legal services related to legal notices, non-negotiable tools, company registration, intellectual property, tax services, personal services and real estate.

AK Taxes will help you write an offer letter Format the comfort of your home, providing you with the most unique and personalized services.

Get a Free Consultation with the Booklet Format With Our Highly Rated Experts for Easy Registration.


The following information is provided in the offer letter format:

  1. Name of employer and employee.
  2. Name given.
  3. Business location.
  4. Start time.
  5. Nature of work.
  6. Terms and conditions.
  7. Basic income.
  8. Test time (if available).
  9. Training is provided (if any).
  10. Signature of employer.
  11. Employee’s signature (if the request is accepted).


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