Notice to Vacate Tenant

Notice to Vacate Tenant

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Notice to Vacate Tenant

An exit notice is a legal document that gives the tenant a written notice stating the time he or she must vacate the leased premises. The eviction notice may also be given to the landlord to the landlord, in writing, who wishes to vacate the premises by a certain date, following the lease/lease agreement. It is important to give written eviction notice to the landlord or tenant to ensure legal validity, in the event of a dispute.


The Departure Notification Form can be used by the Employer or Rentor of the leased or leased premises. Signed by one organization to indicate the date of withdrawal from another. It is a powerful legal document that the courts can refer to when there is a disagreement.


The exit notice may be printed on blank white paper and signed by the landlord or landlord. It can be delivered to the intended person in person or by email. However, it is advisable to give notice of exit by registered mail to ensure that the notice reaches the intended recipient.

Who can use this notification to leave a format?

Notice to vacate the property may be used by the landlord or tenant, who notices to the landlord that the tenant intends to vacate the premises in terms of the lease agreement. The landlord can sign the document and send the letter by registered mail or hand-deliver the letter and obtain a receipt to notify the landlord. Written and accepted notice of resignation may be used as evidence in a court of law, in the event of a dispute relating to the lease of property.

Providing Notice to Vacate

The exit notice can be printed on white paper and signed by the employer. It is best to send the document by registered post. However, it can also be delivered manually or sent by email. If it is sent via email or by hand, it is important to get acknowledgment of receipt.

Upon receipt of notice from the tenant, the landlord may approve the application or suggest an alternative. If another eviction date is proposed by the Landlord, it should include the proposed landlord’s departure date and any other terms and conditions.

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