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Class III Digital signature (Individual) with 2 years validity and secure USB token. This can be used by individuals for MCA, GST , Income Tax, ESI, PF filing etc. Courier all over India.


Class III Digital signature (Company) with 2 years validity and secure USB token. This can be used to participate in online government tenders. Courier all over India.

Digital Signature Certificate

The Digital Signature Certificate in India establishes the identity of the sender to complete or send documents electronically for everything online. It is like a handwritten signature confirming identity and the person signing permission to electronic records.

DSC in India is a secure digital key issued by certifying authorities to verify and validate the credibility of the holder of the certificate. Digital Signatures use public key encryption to create a signature. The Digital Signature Certificate contains information about Username, PIN, Country, Email Address, Certificate Release Date, and the name of the certifying authority.

Digital Signature Certificate in India has been issued by the Director of Assurance Authorities. EMudra is one of the Certification Authorities issuing Digital Signature Certificate in India. There are other authoritative authorities such as the N code solution, the National Data Center, SafeScrypt, and the Institute for development and research in banking technology.

AK Taxes can help you get a Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate in India for 2 years and a secure USB token. There is no need to submit your documents by hand or by courier. All Digital Signatures are provided with an iPass USB compliant USB token to protect the Signature until the end of validity.

Who can apply for a Digital Signature Certificate in India?

The DSC application can be made as follows:

  • Individuals, Organizations, Foreigners, Foreign Organizations can apply for a Digital Signature Certificate in India.
  • Documents required to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate in India
  • The documents required to obtain Digital Signatures in India depend on the type of applicant.

Documents of Native Indians

The following documents must be submitted by Indian Nationals applying for a Digital Signature certificate.

  1. Applicant PAN Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Passport size Image of applicant
  4. Email Address (Unique)
  5. Telephone Number (Alternative)

Foreign Documents

If the applicant is a Foreigner you must submit the following documents with your identity document and proof of address.

  1. Passport
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Applicant visa
  4. Email Address (Unique)
  5. Telephone Number (Alternative)
  6. Image size of the applicant’s passport.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate for AK taxes?

Expensive:Instead of signing Hard copy documents and scanning them by email. With Digital Signature Certificate, you can sign PDF files and send them as fast as possible. The holder of a Digital Signature Certificate requires a real presence in order to conduct or authorize a business.

Instant switching:As Signature of Visual Format, any documents are signed with a single click. Save a lot of time with this complete fast and cheap digital program.

Guaranteed Security:A digital signature certificate reduces the chances of fraud and decryption by ensuring that the signature is certified.

Improvement of work efficiency:As document management and tracking are easy and fast, Digital Signature Certificate ensures high efficiency.

Legal Validity:Digital Signature Certificate helps to establish the authenticity of a document that can be used in court as evidence.

Time saver:As the whole process of signing documents takes place with the click of a button we save a lot of time.

Digital Signature Certificate Forms

Digital Signature Certificate is of two types:

Sign DSC is only used for signing documents. Signing using the Digital Signature Certificate guarantees the authenticity of the signer and the data. It is clear that the data is not tampered with and unchanged.


Encryption Signature Certificate Used for document writing, used on the tender website to help companies secretly write and upload documents. The certificate can also be used to encrypt and send separate information. The Encrypted Digital Signature Certificate is valid for e-commerce documents. Official documents, sharing of confidential documents and containing information to be protected.

Sign and Encrypt

Sign and Encrypt is useful for both signature and encryption, making it easy for users to verify and maintain the privacy of shared information.

Where can DSC be used?

DSC can be used

  • MCA e Filing
  • Income tax on installation
  • LLP Registration
  • GST application
  • IE code registration
  • Form 16
  • E-Tender
  • Copyright and trademark in Filing
  • Custom e-installation
  • E-Procurement
  • E-Binding
  • E-auction

Importance of a Digital Signature Certificate while completing compliance

All individuals and organizations who need to check the account must complete a tax return using the Digital Signature Certificate. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has made it mandatory to file all reports, applications, and forms of companies using DSC.

And while the GST registration process registration under the Property Tax Act is granted after verifying the documents through the DSC applicant/company. A Digital Signature Certificate is required to apply again while maintaining compliance.

Qualification for Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate lasts 2 to 3 years, the owner must be legally able to apply for renewal of DSC 7 days before the expiration of the Digital Signature certificate. While updating is the only change allowed for changes to the address and contact details of the signatory. If the renewal is not done within the stipulated time the owner must apply for a new Digital Signature Certificate.

As DSC is used for various purposes such as filling GST, to complete Income Tax returns. For security purposes, the Digital Signature Certificate is stored on the hardware device. This USB token is protected in such a way that it cannot store documents without a Digital Signature Certificate.

How to use a Digital Signature Certificate?

For security reasons, the Digital Signature Certificate is stored on a hardware device, a cryptographic USB token like the ePass. USB token holds DSC. It is protected in such a way that it cannot store other documents.

By using the Digital Signature Certificate token follow the steps mentioned below:

Step1: Before connecting the USB token download and install the e-Pass 2003 token driver.

Step2:  When the installation is complete connect the USB token to the computer’s USB port and enter the password. Password can be changed by selecting “CHANGE USER PINNER”.

Step3: After receiving the signed document to remove the USB token from the computer and store it in a safe place.

NOTE: The USB token password must not be lost, and do not enter the wrong password many times. In this case, the USB token is locked and there is no way to retrieve the digital signature certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Signature is an electronic format used to authenticate the sender or signer of a document. DSCs are easy to move and cannot be launched and alerted by anyone easily.

DSC is required to send and receive documents digitally and encrypt emails / documents. Also required for completing eTendering, eProcurement, eFiling, Income Tax, and many other applications.

The Director of Accreditation Authorities has granted DSC the rights to issue accreditation authorities under section 24 of the Indian Act of 2000.

No, according to MCA law Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory on eFiling.

Yes, DSCs operating in India for 2 to 3 years need to be renewed after that.

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