Account Opening Resolution

Account Opening Resolution

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Proprietorship registration including GST and UDYAM registration.


Proprietorship registration along with Trademark Registration including Government Fee & Stamp Duty*.


Proprietorship registration along with 1 Year GST Return Filing and dedicated accountant.

Account Opening Resolution

In any company, be it a limited liability company, Limited Liability Partnership or a single company to open a bank account must make a decision. The decision will determine who is authorized to use the bank account on behalf of the company and the bank where the account will be created. If a company wishes to open an account with a variety of other banks, the decision to open an account should be made separately from the accounts of each bank.

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The organization consists of professional legal professionals, who use their expertise to document a decision that will cover all legal requirements and the requirements of the parties. The information and knowledge held by our experts can help you incorporate clauses in your agreement that will better define the relationship between the parties and avoid future confusion or difficulty.


Organizational Documents.

Organization Memorandum.

List of Directors.

Decision document.

Certificate of Registration / COI.

ID of authorized signatories.

Registration Process


The Company must convene a meeting of the Board in accordance with the requirements of the Company Law and pass a decision by obtaining a majority on the issue of where the bank account will be located. Members must nominate persons authorized to administer bank accounts at this meeting and the final decision will consist of bank details and authorized persons. The decision should be printed on a piece of paper with a company letter. A copy of the decision can be kept at the company and the original and other required documents must be submitted to the bank where the company wishes to open a bank account.


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